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Secure Document Exchange
WNLLC is committed to confidential and convenient communication with its clients. As part of this commitment, WNLLC makes available to all clients a Secure Document Exchange facility. Secure Document Exchange is made up of two main components, File Exchange and Document Presentation.
File Exchange
File Exchange is a facility whereby WNLLC and its clients can mutually update and securely exchange sensitive and confidential documents quickly and easily over the internet. For example, WNLLC may require its client to fill out the details of (a certain form). The form would be placed securely on the File Exchange server. The client would log in, retrieve the document, fill it out as appropriate, and return the document to WNLLC via File Exchange. File exchange is password-protected, so only the client and WNLLC have access to the files being exchanged.
Document Presentation
Document Presentation allows WNLLC to send to its clients read-only copeies of documents pertaining to that clientÕs current or previous financial situation and records. An example of the use of Document Presentation would be:
A client requests of WNLLC a copy of their 2002 Tax Return for their own records. WNLLC would then securely place a read-only copy of the clientÕs return on the Document Presentation Servers, after which the client could log in, and retrieve the document. Document Presentation, too, is password-protected.
Call WNLCC for more information, or click on Secure Document Exchange in the main menu to log in.