24 Oct 2020 / 19:44 GMT
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Finanical Planning
Weygandt, Nesarajah also offers financial analysis and business planning services. We can offer services tailored to the special needs of high net worth individuals.
  • Personal Financial Services - We enable individuals to build value, manage risk, and improve financial performance through customized approaches to their goals.
    We provide comprehensive financial planning services designed to help build, preserve and maximize the wealth of high net worth individuals, corporate executives and business owners. Our strategies are integrated and consider the myriad aspects of wealth accumulation and its effects on these individuals' businesses and family.
    Financial planning today faces formidable challenges with the explosion of new investment vehicles, insurance products, retirement plans, changes in tax laws and regulations, and a volatile economy. Our plan is based on independent, timely, accurate financial advice that helps navigate around pitfalls and fosters long-term financial security.
    • International Wealth Management; Financial planning must be without boundaries, in today's global environment. We provide cross-border personal services that are necessary in the new millennium and today's global village. We co-ordinate and orchestrate the appropriate international advisors particular to a client's multinational situation.

  • Investment Management as independent advisors, we do not sell investment products or receive commissions. We develop investment strategies, analyze the current situation, and propose asset allocation changes to optimize the risk versus return relationship, establish an investment policy and monitor performance through regular performance reports and one-to-one meetings.
  • Senior Level Executive Compensation - We offer comprehensive services to executives who desire to deal more effectively with their financial situation. We assist in coordinating Senior Level Executive financial planning and their understanding of the full value of their compensation and benefits. High compensation, incentives and lucrative benefits make senior level executives' financial affairs more demanding and complex.