24 Oct 2020 / 20:44 GMT
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Assurance Services
Our Assurance Services includes audit, accounting and regulatory advice, attest and attest-related services, corporate training and services for small to middle-sized companies.
  • Audit - statutory and regulatory audit, treasury services, and environmental audits.
  • Accounting and regulatory advice - corporate structures, technical accounting advice, review of treasury operations, review of finance function outsourcing proposals, compliance with current and new regulations and obtaining new authorizations.
  • Attest and attest-related services - independent validation or assessment of financial and non-financial data, such as independent opinions on grant forms, readership and circulation statistics, assessment of royalties, and regulatory returns for regulated industries.
  • Corporate training - business training and development services in the areas of finance and accounting, IT Systems, risk management, and management development.
  • Growing business and middle market services for small to middle sized companies - audit, general business advice, raising finance, due diligence services, initial public offerings, cash management, payroll needs, business relocation services, and shareholder meetings.