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No matter what your industry, no matter where your operations are located, we can help you through our skills and experience
Account-centric, issues-oriented. Taking an account-centric, issues-oriented approach means that we listen to what clients say about their most pressing challenges (e.g., globalization or increased competition), their industry issues (e.g., deregulation or fraudulent goods), and their own operations (e.g., reorganization or double taxation). This allows us to do the best job possible of choosing the right services to help them meet their objectives (e.g., growth, enhanced profitability - or survival).
Standards and ability. There are two things you can count on from the services you receive from Weygandt, Nesarajah & Co., LLC.: the highest professional standards and the ability to deliver on our services effectively
We offer our clients a unique combination of experience, value and personal service. You are invited to call for additional information, and to visit our offices. We will be delighted to tell you more about how we might help meet your business or personal financial management needs.