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One of WNLLC's core strengths is in providing a focus on planning to quantify and minimize current and future federal, state and local income tax liabilities. This ability stems from the foresight it showed in setting up its various international bases of operations. Initially based in New York City WNLLC expanded to open an office in Dallas, Texas (1997) in order to better service its client base of Oil and Gas Exploration and Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals. Then, in 2000, when it became apparent that Malta was applying for and at the threshold of membership in the European Union (WNLLC recognized it had significant implications for WNLLC client's with European operations; WNLLC opened an office in Malta. This third locale enables WNLLC to have unique and unusual leverage in the area of Cross Border Strategies; addressing national restrictions, regional and global trade agreements and their impact on manufacturing, supply strategies and costs. Our clients benefit considerably from this leverage, as this facet of service fits with transfer pricing, corporate and indirect taxes and entity structure advice.
New York
590 Madison Avenue
21st Floor
New York, New York 10022
Tel (212) 521-4499
Fax (212) 521-4099
The Dallas Colonnade
15305 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75248
Tel (972) 455-2815
Fax (972) 715-2099
22 Cordina Street
Gozo GSM 102, Malta
Tel 365 553031
Fax 365 553454
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